January Gardening Tips

January on the North Coast signals the start of pruning season for most fruit trees and berries. We have a few workshops coming up this month that will demonstrate pruning techniques for the different types of fruit producing plants.

Apply a dormant spray on your fruit trees, roses and berries if you haven't yet. We recommend Liqui-Cop combined with Monterey Horticulture Oil.

If you have a greenhouse you can continue to plant lettuce and many other cool season vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, kale and chard.

Wintering birds appreciate an extra food source at this time of year. Suet pellets and balls provide energy for those cold and wet days. Be sure that the seed stays dry and fresh. Wet seed risks spoiling and can harm the birds.

Frost protection should still be on your mind as we get through January and February. The N-sulate fabric was created to help raise the temperature about 9 degrees above the current reading. Keep an eye on the weather and then cover the tender perennials and shrubs. Princess Flower, sages, Angels Trumpet, fuchsias, begonias, geraniums are some of the plants that could suffer if it freezes.

The camellias are starting to bloom and this is a great time to pick out the color you would like. They love part shade with some sun for the best bloom and foliage.

Happy New Year!