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Red Twig Dogwood

February Garden Checklist

Strawberries can be planted now. Choose a well drained site with at least a half a day of sun. Raise beds or planters work best. You could even plant them in a hanging basket to help keep pests at bay.

There is still time to get some winter pruning in. If you need to prune maples and birch then it should be done while the weather is still cool. Any spring blooming trees and shrubs can be pruned right after they have bloomed but not more then a month from the bloom. This will ensure that you do not loose you flowers for the next year.

Check and clean your garden equipment. Our Power Shop services lawn mowers, they will: change the oil, check air filter, sharpen the blade, change spark plugs and make sure it’s in good running order.

As your spring blooming bulbs start to emerge top dress with a bulb fertilizer. One of our favorites is made

Have you been storing seed packets from last year but are wondering if they are viable. You can do a germination test at this time. Lightly moisten a paper towel. Take 10 seeds and space them on the towel giving yourself room to fold it it half. Place it in a sandwich bag and then in a warm spot. Check it daily for moisture and to see if they have germinated. Store unused seeds in a tightly sealed container and in a cool, dark shelf (somewhere near 40’F is best)

We can still plant cool season veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach, chard and even lettuce (lettuce needs some frost protection).

For a spot of color plant primroses, pansies, ranunculus, cyclamen and stock.

Start seeds of hardy veggies now (see cool season veggies above). If you have a greenhouse you could start tomatoes and peppers. It’s still to early for squash. It grows quickly and can be started as early as March or even later.

Plant bareroot fruit trees, ornamentals, and berries now. We have a great selection.