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Red Twig Dogwood

This is the time of year when the green thumbs start itching and we want to start planting. For some flowers and vegetables it’s to early and others it’s just right. The light weight row covers will get most plants through the occasional frost we might still experience. It allows light, water and air move through but traps heat and raise the temperatures around the plants by about 9 degrees.

March is the month to plant potatoes and peas (even the fragrant sweet peas).

Plant summer blooming bulbs such as: dahlias, gladiolus, freesia, ranunculus, lilies, and begonias.

Time to set your mason bees out if you haven’t already. There should be plenty of flowers available to them. Make sure they have access to mud. Expose some soil and keep it damp for them. They love warm spots that are sheltered from the wind and rain.

Prune overgrown summer blooming shrubs such as Buddleia, Lavatera, Spiraea, Penstemon, Hydrangea paniculata and shrub roses.

Time to pot up your stored begonia bulbs. Place them rounded side down in shallow flats to get the roots growing. Once you see good growth you can transplant them to your regular containers or even in the ground. Protect from rain and frost.

Start tender vegetable and flower seeds now indoors. Use a sterile planting mix and make sure they get good light either direct from the sun or an full spectrum light bulb. Turn the trays often. Eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, zinnias, salvias, impatiens…

Cut back your deciduous grasses now. Tie up the clumps with an old belt or piece of twine and then saw them off a couple of inches from the ground.


Topdress your daffodils with a Bulb Fertilizer.

Plant cool season vegetables now!