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November Garden Checklist

There is still time to plant spring blooming bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, iris, freesia, anemones and more. Plant them now and then forget about them until they pop up in glorious bloom this spring.

Houseplants grow slower in the winter months and will require less fertilizer and water. Feed a diluted liquid fertilizer once per month.

Keep on planting trees and shrubs as long as the ground is not to wet. The winter rains will help keep them watered.

Pull remaining summer vegetables and sow a “Green Manure” seed. Green Manure seeds usually consist of legumes such as vetch, clovers… They will trap nutrients to keep them from being leached away and also “fix” nitrogen in their root nodules. The organic matter is chopped down and tilled into the soil in the early spring. You could also just mulch the beds with organic matter. This will act like a spring board to the heavy rains and keep the soil from compacting.

Don’t forget to provide food for the birds. This was a tough year with the low rainfall and they will have to work harder to find food. Separate feeders for the sunflower seeds will help keep the jays from spilling all the other seeds on the ground. Make sure you clean and sterilize the feeders often (twice a month for seed feeders and each time you fill the hummingbird feeders). Soak them in one part bleach to 9 parts water. Rinse well.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!