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December Garden Checklist

It’s time to apply your first dormant spray on your fruit trees, roses and berries. We recommend Liqui-Cop combined with Monterey Horticulture Oil.

It’s time to pull withered annuals and replace with hardy winter flowers such as cyclamen, pansies, primroses, paludosum daisies and even calendula. You can also plant colorful shrubbery and grasses in your planters for the winter and then transplant them outside.

The camellias are starting to bloom and this is a great time to pick out the color you would like. They love part shade with some sun for the best bloom and foliage.

Deer will keep trying to visit your garden during the winter as their normal forage goes dormant, so keep up the fencing.

Keep any eye on the local frost reports. Have some “N-sulate” covers on hand to throw over tender shrubs and perennials. You can also drape them with older style Christmas lights to raise the temperature enough. Citrus trees, sages, fuchsias, Angels Trumpets, Princess Flowers are among the most tender. Plants that are in the northwest wind can also suffer freeze burn and would suffer less damage if covered.

If you are using a wood burning stove you can spread the wood ash over your garden now at a rate of 1.5 pounds per 100 square feet per year.

Rake leaves off lawns on a regular basis to keep the lawn from smothering. Lawns could use a dose of iron and lime at this time.

This is a great time to pick out your living Christmas tree. We have many to choose from. Keep in mind where you will be planting your tree and how much space it will have to grow. We have a great selection of all sizes and types.

Place your poinsettia in bright, indirect light and away from wood burning stoves and other heat sources. Water as the soil starts to dry (do not overwater).

Happy Holidays!